The Last Summer of Baseball

There’s something about baseball that suspends time. Whole lifetimes seem to freeze between pitches. And I’m not talking about boredom. Maybe there’s a warm summer rain falling, or you’re being lulled into the cosmic wonder of baseball from the radio while sitting on a front porch. It’s a very reflective, meditative sport. When I look […]

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Country Disappeared

This month marks 20 years since the Srebrenica Massacre, the genocide committed in southeastern Europe. It happened during the Bosnian War, one of the deadliest modern wars and one that often gets overlooked. I know and worked with a lot of former Yugoslavians–Bosnians, Croatians, and Montenegrins. And they all have one thing in common: that […]

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Life On The Outside

I spent some time with a man who was recently released from jail after over 25 years for a murder he might not have committed. His name is Richard Lapointe, a simpleton with mental disabilities whose supporters say was not capable of pulling off the horrific crime years ago. During my time doing this story, […]

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Passing Afternoons

I used to have a summer job at a mini golf course when I was in high school. It was on a stretch of the Berlin Turnpike where the densely populated big box stores give way to the occasional motel or stranded gas station. What was left was some beautiful, undeveloped land, which from the […]

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