I’ve been thinking about some funny moments while covering stuff as a reporter, and this one about a PETA protest (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) comes to mind. I was sent out to cover the protest at Hartford’s Bushnell Park while interning at the Hartford Advocate (RIP). It was the sort of throw-away […]

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Memories in Airports

Airports have always been some of my favorite places in the world. They are nightmares for a lot of people and rightfully so. The crowds, security, being a hot spot for terrorism, and the prospect of getting launched into the sky can be terrifying. But for me, airports are extremely therapeutic and inspiring. They exist […]

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In Defense of Dead Heads

Ever walk into a Grateful Dead-related show, take a scan of the crowd before you, and think, “What the hell are these people searching for?” There’s that dude who looks like he’s been in a weed haze since ’67, the glow stick twirler and gypsy mom doing a ceremonial dance for nobody, or the drifting […]

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The Last Five Books I’ve Read

Some thoughts on the last five books I read: Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère I’m reading this biography right now. It’s about the life of Russian writer/rabble-rouser Eduard Limonov, who’s lived multiple lives as a bum, literary sensation, and political dissident in New York, Paris, and back home. The book is written like a fiction novel […]

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