10 Years Without Hunter Thompson

It’s been a decade without Hunter Thompson. The world is a scarier, more confusing place for it. Since his suicide on Feb. 20, 2005, Thompson’s legacy and cultural impact have grown exponentially. The man ended his life just like the way he lived it: with a bang. His hilarious insight and blunt observations are missed, […]

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I’ve been thinking about some funny moments while covering stuff as a reporter, and this one about a PETA protest (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) comes to mind. I was sent out to cover the protest at Hartford’s Bushnell Park while interning at the Hartford Advocate (RIP). It was the sort of throw-away […]

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Memories in Airports

Airports have always been some of my favorite places in the world. They are nightmares for a lot of people and rightfully so. The crowds, security, being a hot spot for terrorism, and the prospect of getting launched into the sky can be terrifying. But for me, airports are extremely therapeutic and inspiring. They exist […]

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The Last Five Books I’ve Read

Some thoughts on the last five books I read: Limonov by Emmanuel Carrère I’m reading this biography right now. It’s about the life of Russian writer/rabble-rouser Eduard Limonov, who’s lived multiple lives as a bum, literary sensation, and political dissident in New York, Paris, and back home. The book is written like a fiction novel […]

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Our Protector

Video games were the first babysitter my brother and I had. I’ll remember the comforting illumination of the Sega Genesis t.v. screen cloaking many solitary nights while we waited for our mom to come home from work. My father was away a lot, and after my parents would get done arguing I’d cherish the silence, […]

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